A limited liabilityy (LLP) company or partnership may apply to Broadcast Seva the payment of a processing fee for the implementation of a teleporter or teleporter and uplinking, a news television channel or a non-news television channel. The online application is processed from the point of view of eligibility requirements and is subject to approval and approval by the Ministry of Space, the Ministry of the Interior and, whenever necessary, by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance. However, if deemed necessary, the ministry may conduct an inspection of the physical location or location. The latest guidelines for the interconnection of satellite television channels were published by the ministry in 2011. For the uplink channel of a non-news channel or news channel, it must present the proposed name and logo of the channel, accompanied by a trademark registration certificate on the ownership of the name and logo at the time of the application. A company/LLP can only display the name and logo approved by the ministry on the approved television channel. Therefore, displaying names and logos that were not authorized or displaying a double logo would be considered a violation of the guidelines. Merger/scission/merger, duly authorized by the Tribunal in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013, and the company/LLP files a copy of the court/court order that sanctioned that system; transfer of business or business, in accordance with the applicable law, and the company/LLP provides a copy of the agreement between it and the assignee company/LLP; and the company submits a commitment that the transfer is carried out within the group`s companies. · A chain of non-communication, which is authorized under this directive, may register online on Broadcast Seva for the live broadcast of an event (with the exception of an event that is in the nature of current news and business) regardless of the technology used for uplinking, at least five days before the first date of a live event, providing the request to record information and documents, including the next date, time, time of venue and name of the event; the channel/teleporters` willingness to broadcast/tilt the proposed programme/event; correct authorization from the event owner, as well as certain dates and dates of the proposed program/event, a valid WPC license granted to the teleport operator when a SNG/DSNG device or such technology requiring a WPC license, if equipment or technology other than SNG/DSNG is used, detailed specifications of the teleportation operator.