(d) the inability of the company to obtain the agreement of a successor of the company, to take over the acceptance and approval of the performance of the member`s conservation contract, to the extent that such an agreement requires it. According to section 4 of Rockwell Automation, Inc. 2020 Long-Term Incentives Plan (the „Plan“), Restricted Stock Units of Rockwell Automation, Inc. have been granted the date (the „award date“), under the restricted storage unit agreement (this agreement), subject to the provisions of the plan, if they can be amended. The basic terms that are used in this agreement and are not otherwise defined have the corresponding meanings attributed to them in the plan. With the effect of [[GRANTDATE]] (the „Grant Date“), [[FIRSTNAME]] [[LASTNAME]] (the „participant“) became part of the Ambac Financial Group, Inc. Incentive Compensation Plan (the „Incentive Plan“) and in accordance with LTIP`s (Ambac Financial Group) long-term compensation plan (LTIP), in the form of an incentive plan in addition to the terms of the incentive plan and the LTIP, the arbitration award is subject to the following conditions (sometimes referred to as the „agreement“). (a) the assignment of tasks that involve much less authority and responsibility to the participant and are effective immediately before the participant`s change of control begins; (i) changing control; (ii) the date of implementation of the original written agreement or instrument for changing control, or (iii) the date of adoption of a decision by the committee providing for the modification of control; Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (the „company“) heresks to assign to the designated employee („collaborator“) who, in the grant award summary (the „Grant Summary“), is referred to as restricted share units under the company`s fifth modified and revised omnibus share plan (the „plan“). The limited share shares granted under this restricted Stock Unit Agreement (the „agreement“) consist of the right to receive common shares of the company („shares“). The grant date is the date of the agreement (the „subsidy date“). Subject to the provisions of Schedule A of this agreement (Annex A) and the plan, the main features of this award are: By your signature and the signature of the company representative below, you agree with the company that this award will be awarded in accordance with the terms of the price documents, including the conditions of the subsidy for the restricted share units attached to Schedule A of this agreement.

You also agree that by signing this document, you will agree to the sale of shares in order to meet your tax retention obligations arising from that price.