A contract can be terminated at any time, but as a general rule, 10% of the purchase price is charged according to the termination and compensation clause. However, if there is a specific performance clause that binds the seller (s) or buyer (s), a case may be involved to enforce the conditions arising from the infringement. A sales contract (Spa) is a contract between a buyer/buyer/buyer and a seller/seller that contains all the agreed contractual terms between the two parties in a real estate transaction. The completion of a BSG is usually carried out when the free possession of the property is successfully and fully transmitted by the seller to the buyer/buyer. A sales contract, usually abbreviated as a SPA, is a legal contract that imposes the conditions that are appropriate for a seller and a buyer of a particular property for the sale and purchase of a property. Basically, it is the document that binds the two parties under legal conditions, as required by the country`s property laws. As a legal document, a sales contract (SPA) must be signed in the presence of a lawyer. This is done to ensure that the seller and buyer receive a thorough understanding of the essential clauses described in the document. If the buyer/buyer does not have the necessary financing for the purchase of the property, the down payment can be refunded to the buyer/buyer, provided that such a refund option has been negotiated, agreed and included in the booking form prior to the signing of the property.

The most important factor in the SPA will be the type of payment, regardless of the seller or buyer. Buyers need to know how to pay the purchase price not only to manage their financing, but also not to impose penalties by accidentally/accidentally violating the terms of the G.S.O. Purchase of residential property by real estate developers, billing levels are clearly defined in the SPA Calendar 3. The method of payment in a sub-purchase contract will be less complicated, as the transaction period is shorter and the property is generally ready to be delivered. The common process will be the first 2-3% as a booking fee when signing the letter of offer, the 10% down payment balance is due during the signing of the SPA, then the balance of 90% of the purchase price will be paid within 3 months of signing the SPA.