A bedbug rental addendum is a form that informs a tenant that there is no bed bug infestation on the site of an apartment. Due to the difficulty of eradicating this type of beetle, the states of Arizona, California and Maine have made sure that the owner must present a history of each bed bug infestation. The only safe way for the tenant to ensure that bed bugs do not exist on the ground is for an exterminator to visit the unit and perform all the necessary tests. Then, at least one of the box instructions will be displayed in the „Bedbug Inbeation History.“ Read all the instructions on this list and check the box to the left of a correct set. If more information is needed, you should provide it. If „There is no history of every bed bug infestation“ in a part of the building where the rented apartment is located, then mark the first checkbox. Check the second checkbox if there has been an infestation of bed bugs in the building and report which soils or soils of this infestation were found on the empty line provided. This declaration should only be marked if this is the case and if „eradication measures“ have been taken. The third checkbox should be marked when a bed bug infestation has been discovered in the building and no effort has been made to eliminate the infestation. If this statement has been selected, report the soil in which this infestation in the empty line before the word „floor (s)… He was found. If the rent was infested with bed bugs last year and steps have been taken to eradicate the infestation, the tenant should be informed by marking the fourth box to check. In case the rental site had infested last year and no attempted extermination was then marked the fifth box. If information about a bed bug infestation is to be made available to the tenant and has not been described in previous statements, then check the „Other“ box and then submit a report containing this information on the empty line provided.

Tenants are responsible for handling bed bugs in the following situations: The building administrator (or landlord) must indicate the date on which he or she signs this document in the empty line known as the „date.“ He must then sign the empty line called „Property Manager/Landlord“ to indicate that the content of this document is true.