5. CONSIGNEE keeps its assets at least 30 days before the auction and up to 60 days after the auction, after they have been transferred to auction or private retail. In these cases, the auctioneer will keep the property on its site. This original signed agreement must be submitted with all claims in order to recover the items shipped and to obtain payment for the items shipped.6. PAYMENTS: The sender sends the proceeds of the sale to the shipper minus all commissions, if any, within 30 business days after the auction closes (or earlier), with full accounting, if the property has been paid by the successful bidder. If the payment has not been received by the successful bidder, payment to the sender may be delayed. Payment is made to the sender above.7. WARRANTIES AND INDEMNIFICATION BY CONSIGNOR: (A) The sender represents and guarantees that he has the right to put the property for sale; there are no and will not be claims, pledges or charges on the property for any reason. (B) The shipper undertakes to exempt the sender and all staff and auxiliaries from any rights and expenses, including reasonable legal fees that are guaranteed or guaranteed by the actual or alleged violation of any of these in the sender who survive the conclusion of a land sale.8 CLAIMS BY BUYERS: If, within 10 days of the auction`s closing date, the purchaser of a property proves, to the buyer`s satisfaction, that the acquired property is not represented or that it differs significantly from the description of the catalogue or other representations of the bid, the buyer may, at his discretion, delay payment to the sender (if it has not yet been paid in accordance with paragraph 9) and refund the purchase price in full to the buyer. If the sender has been paid in accordance with point 9 above, the sender pays the sender the product previously received for the cancelled sale within 10 days of notification.

9. PURCHASER NOPAYMENT: The bidder is not obliged to legally compel payment by a buyer of the property. If the buyer is not paid by the buyer within 10 days of the sale, the auctioneer may, at his sole discretion, cancel the sale and resale of the property.10 NO GARANTIE: The auctioneer does not guarantee the sale price of a property. All estimates of the sale value are opinions and should not be construed as a promise of sale price. The incense is not responsible for errors or omissions in catalogues or other descriptive documents.11. UNSOLD PROPERTY: a.) Unsold goods are recovered by the shipper b.) The sender is responsible for making contact with the sender. The auctioneer automatically reintroduces unsold shipments that, at the discretion of the auction, are reinstated at a second auction. (c)) Goods that have not been used for 180 days are sold at the discretion of the enlisted person to cover the co-cost costs associated with this article.12 MISCELLANEOUS: This agreement is intended for heirs, beneficiaries, executors, and.

a.m.; The assignment is only in accordance with the auctioneer`s written agreement; can only be amended in writing, signed by the sender and sender; and is subject to the laws of the State of Florida.13. CONTRACT TERM: This contract remains in effect for up to 90 days after the auction date and is terminated in writing by both parties.14 ITEM REMOVAL: The parties understand that if, for whatever reason, a shipped item is removed from the auction by the sender, the sender receives the commission due as if the item had been sold. The value is determined by the auctioneer at his sole discretion.15 CONSIGNMENT FEES AND EXPENSES: 1. For each item, a minimum search, search and photography fee is charged $10 per item. 2. A 20% commission for each item sold on its auction platform by third parties. 3. The 5% service fee is charged and deducted from gross sales for credit card fees, PayPal or additional.