Wholesale sales are sales of personal real estate to license distributors, employers, distributors or other wholesalers for resale. It does not include sales to users or consumers that are not intended for resale. The seller must manage the VAT number or the exemption letter of these debtors with a description of the items sold and the amount of the sale of the items. Do I need a business account number and taxes to sell personal property at a retail event or a single event? Am I liable for a turnover tax for the purchase of a used car to a person who is not a used car dealer? Are private not-for-profit schools exempt from the revenue tax? Do I have to file a VAT return for a period when I have not had sales? Why did I get a tally if I didn`t have sales? Yes, a tax return must be filed for each reference period, even if no tax is due. If you don`t have sales, enter a zero in the entire tax line due. Don`t forget to sign and date the return. Individuals who operate a place of business in that state are taxable for all non-exempt sales delivered to Mississippi by the non-governmental company. Individuals who do not have a headquarters in Mississippi, but who own real estate in Mississippi, or who are represented in That state by employees or agents of the company who supply Mississippi customers or who request or accept orders for goods later delivered to that state, are responsible for the collection of the Mississippi Use Tax. How can I get a VAT number or register to collect VAT? The sale of personal goods and physical services to a Mississippi public school is not subject to sales and usage tax.

The item must be sold, billed directly to the establishment and paid directly by the establishment. This exception does not apply to goods that are not used in the normal functioning of the school, nor to items resold to students. The sale of material personal property made exclusively for the purpose of obtaining funds for a school or organization linked to a school is not subject to the turnover tax. An organization linked to a school or „related organization“ may include parenting organizations or booster clubs, but is not limited to that. This exemption is not applicable to the sale to nurseries or daycares. To justify the exemption, appropriate documents must be retained. The sale of goods is taxable when the seller sells to each student and receives them directly from them. All general or principal contractors or subcontractors who improve real estate in the state of Mississippi must obtain a certificate of sale and use registration for the transfer of sales and usage taxes that may be due, regardless of the number of orders they execute.

Occasional or isolated sales to non-consumer consumers (i.e. resale sales) are wholesale sales in the „Wholesaling“ tax classification. You can then take a „casual sale“ deduction up to the sale. Can I file my sales and tax return and pay tax online? What is the online deposit fee? A reduced VAT rate of 1.5% is applied to devices directly used in the manufacturing process. As a general rule, manufacturers are required to obtain a direct wage licence from the Ministry of Finance, which they can use for the purchase of devices and other items exempt from vat. The manufacturer is then responsible for the transfer of the correct vat rate directly to the Ministry of Finance in the manufacturer`s user tax declaration. Sales of cars under ten years of age and produced by people who do not have regular activity are subject to VAT. The tax is levied by the county tax collector when the new owner of a vehicle owns and marks the vehicle.