The proposed agreement also includes a centralized roll-board system that allows Victoria Police to know where each officer is stationed in the state, maximizing their ability to call the police as needed. As a collaborator, you help promote and support the organization`s strategic initiatives. You can do this by helping police officers at the front of the line provide the resources they need to carry out day-to-day activities to ensure a safer Victoria. Victorian police have made a breakthrough in wage negotiations with the government and agreed to end all union action while considering the offer of wage increases. At the request of the Chief Commissioner (or his or her representative) or a person who is entitled to the corresponding agreement (including police officers, protection officers or the Australian Police Federation), the PRSB will review the dispute and present a report and recommendations to the Chief Commissioner. The Chief Commissioner intends to implement the prSB`s recommendations in accordance with point 11.4: „The PRSB`s decision is binding on both the employee and the employer.“ For Commanders: Under Section 11 of the 2015 Victoria Police Commander`s Agreement, the PRSB may consult, in accordance with paragraph 15, a report on a placement dispute on a case-by-case basis of an in excess commander. The proposed agreement will be put to a vote by members of the police union. Ms. Neville said the police now have the opportunity to vote on a proposed agreement that is „very fair and a good offer for them.“ Recommendations are made by the PRSB member after consideration of the merits, justice and awareness of the dispute and the terms of the relevant enterprise agreement.

Over the next four years, an additional 90,000 front-line positions will be created and will be occupied by officers currently serving in various positions within the force. The police union is now considering a wage offer from the state government. Credit: Paul Rovere The union is contacting delegates across the state to remove slogans from police vehicles and for officers who are moving away from lightning, Neville said.