b) In order to comply with Subdivision (a) and notwithstanding Section 2981.9 of the Civil Code, a termination contract is included in a separate document from the conditional sales contract or other sales contract and contains at least: (C) two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for a vehicle with a cash price of more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000 usd) , but no more than thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). The optional retraction contract allows the customer to change their mind about the purchase and return the vehicle to the dealership. (8) At the end of the opt-out agreement, a declaration that can be signed by the buyer indicates the buyer`s choice to exercise the right to cancel the purchase in accordance with the terms of the termination option contract and the last date and time until the retraction option can be exercised, followed by a line for the purchaser`s signature.  Some form of declaration is not necessary, but the following statement is sufficient: „By signing below, I decide to exercise my right to cancel the purchase of the vehicle described in this agreement.“ The delivery of the sale contract to the merchant with the buyer`s signature after this declaration constitutes a sufficient written notification in which the right to cancel the purchase is exercised in accordance with paragraph 6.  The merchant must make available to the buyer, in double copy, the statement required by this paragraph, so that the buyer can return the signed retraction decision and keep a copy of the retraction contract. Due to the operation of the vehicle`s evaluation, no cooling-off period is required in the context of a car purchase contract. If you have signed your name on the polka dot line for a new vehicle, it will be very difficult to return or cancel it in most cases. This could be a different story if you buy for a used vehicle in which a dealer can allow you to return the vehicle after a short period of time. There are some things you can do if you feel you have been a victim of fraud in the car buying process, and there are a few steps you should take in case of fraud, starting with filing a complaint with your state`s attorney general.

If there has been no fraudulent activity and you have not paid for a contract cancellation option or if you have the option to purchase a contract cancellation option, your options will decrease significantly. Pocket Sense lists certain things you may be looking for in this case: (f) This section does not affect or alter the legal rights, obligations, obligations or obligations of the buyer, trader or representatives or beneficiaries of the merchant`s assignment that would exist in the absence of a cancellation agreement.  The purchaser is the owner of a vehicle if he accepts a vehicle until the vehicle is returned to the dealership pursuant to a retraction option contract and the existence of a retraction option contract does not impose user liability on the dealer, agents or dealer transfers, in accordance with Section 460 or 17150 or otherwise. Can a buyer terminate a dealer contract? The answer is sometimes, but there`s more to it than that. The more you understand car purchase contracts, the more you can trust at the dealership. 9. If the reintroduction tax limit in paragraph 5 is increased by the amount that the purchaser exercising a termination option would be required to pay the lessor, in the event of termination of the lease, royalties for excessive mileage, unrepaired damage or excessive wear in accordance with the lease, the merchant must pay the purchaser an opinion on the content of paragraph 5. , including a statement on the increase in replenishment costs.