The bargaining team of BARGAINING UPDATE UAW Local 6000 has reached a preliminary agreement with the State of Michigan in contract negotiations on wages and benefits for the two-year period effective October 1, 2017. The interim agreement for UAW members working for the State of Michigan involves salary increases over the two-year contract. In „It`s more painful, but perhaps more prudent to continue the strike, just in case it doesn`t ratify,“ she says. „If members are not thought to vote by an overwhelming majority, they maintain their influence in the event of a strike while considering the provisional agreement.“ The UAW said a vote to ratify the agreement with Fiat Chrysler could arrive as early as December 6. If the union is accepted, it will avoid repeating its bloody negotiations with General Motors earlier this year. These conversations gave way to a gruelling 40-day strike that shut down the company and cost GM millions, and the companies that supply it. The Council should review all the details of the proposed preliminary agreement and then vote on whether to send the agreement to members, said Kristin Dziczek, vice president of industry, labor and economics at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor. The Council will also decide whether members will remain on strike until a new treaty is ratified. The agreement includes $4.5 billion in large-scale investments previously announced by FCA, and UAW negotiators secured an additional $4.5 billion for a total of $9 billion in investments that created 7,900 jobs over the life of the contract, said Cindy Estrada, director of Chrysler Dept. The workers of the FCA union, which rejected an interim agreement in 2015 and which was transferred to Militanz in this year`s contract negotiations.

The two-tiered compensation system used in the sector since 2007 is an important issue in the negotiations. „The national negotiating team`s top priority was to ensure a strong and fair treaty that our members deserve,“ Dittes said in a statement. Out of respect for the members, the union said it would not comment on the details of the agreement until Thursday`s meeting. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles signed a temporary employment contract with the United Auto Workers on Saturday, making it the last of Detroit`s three major automakers to reach an agreement with the union this year. The UAW did not immediately provide details of the agreement, but is expected to follow the framework established by contracts ratified by the union with General Motors and Ford Motor Co. These include signing bonuses of at least $9,000, wage increases, no changes in health care costs and a way for temporary workers to obtain full-time employment status. Detroit, me. – The UAW today completed a week-long ratification process on an interim agreement between the UAW and General Motors LLC. A majority of UAW members at General Motors voted in favour of the interim agreement, as follows: Total National Agreement Bargaining Unit results Production 58.3% Yes 41.7% Of unskilled shops It usually takes about two weeks for local leaders to become a member of what is happening in the agreement and for voting in premises throughout the country Dziczek said. Interim workers: The union insisted that temporary workers receive a better offer from GM.