Good communication between our suppliers and plan managers is the key to providing quality health care to our members. Don`t hesitate to contact us at any time with questions. The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is seeking help from providers to encourage Medicaid patients to keep their case information (address, finances and employment) up-to-date to ensure eligibility. This can be done through Medicaid`s new self-service portal under sspweb.lameds.ldh.la.gov/selfservice/. The Louisiana Medicaid program covers extra-government emergency services provided by Louisiana Medicaid, which are absent in an emergency due to an accident or illness, if the recipient`s health is at risk, if the recipient has traveled to Louisiana, or if the recipient`s health is compromised, if medical care is delayed until the recipient returns to Louisiana. With respect to reimbursement, the non-state operator must register as a Louisiana Medicaid supplier and follow the instructions for submitting claims in a timely manner when making claims. At Aetna Better Health in Louisiana, we value our supplier partners. We want to work with you to provide our members with timely, safe and effective health care. We will publish information for our suppliers that may be useful. The COVID-19 application can also be used for Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta.

Suppliers that have not had billing activity in the past 18 months are subject to automatic closure of their vendor numbers. Medicaid`s eligibility is determined on the basis of federal poverty income guidelines. In response to the COVID-19 emergency, temporary emergency deployments of Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta are authorized until the emergency declaration is lifted. Temporary emergency operations are not granted for a validity date before 1.03.20 and are inactivated no later than six (6) months after the emergency declaration has been lifted. A person may also be eligible for Medicaid coverage if they must make available to their NTIs to process transactions or correspondence with the registration. B of the provider (for example, changing address requests, bundled links, direct payments and other connections). If you do not provide your NPI, your application will be rejected. The information updated is becoming more and more important, as Medicaid more often conducts feasibility tests with its new licensing and registration system. Previously, revenues were revised annually. In addition, extensions are only mailed, so it is important for recipients to update their contact information so they don`t miss important emails.