HSAS has the right to ask any health region and related company to allow their interested HSAS employees to participate in the plan, with or without minor changes to the text of the plan, as agreed upon by mutual agreement. In the absence of mutual agreement on the text of the plan, HSAS or the health region (including associated companies) may ask a third party for a final and binding decision on the text of the plan. In the absence of an agreement on the name of a third party, a request from one of the parties to the Minister of Labour is allowed to name the same thing. The parties support the idea of a staff and family assistance program and recognize that if a program is implemented or modified, there will be joint consultation and agreement between the employer and the Union. The program is voluntary and confidential, should not be used as a disciplinary procedure and destabilizes in a location far from the site. The program includes advisory services, including, but not limited, to: the parties agree to put in place a non-binding procedure for reviewing the complementary approach/market adjustment in the HSAS/SAHO collective agreement with a view to simplifying and modernizing wage structures. v) There are no more than four (4) successive overtime hours twelve (12) hours at any given time. The derogations from this rule are only by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker. (d) temporary positions provided for by a union, with the employer not to exceed twelve (12) months, unless it is renewed by mutual agreement with the union; Since the union refused to negotiate an essential service contract prior to the expiry of the collective agreement, it is the responsibility of employers to identify workers who have essential duties to ensure a safe level of enterprise. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the usual annual hours apply to full-time workers 1948.8 hours and the provisions of Section 15.01 (standard working hours) and other related provisions, including section 15.04 (overtime and bonus rates) apply. Parties may meet from time to time at the provincial or local level to negotiate changes to work schedules or confirm the extension of these changes.

In addition to the amendments made, the parties may make changes that change certain aspects of the management of this agreement as long as no worker is required to work more than full-time hours, as established over a reasonable period of time, and does not exceed six (6) months. Community social services and private sector employees are subject to three separate agreements: „This agreement will ensure that these honourable health professionals are always able to provide important health care to Saskatchewan residents.“ The former HSAS collective agreement expired in 2013: Karen Wasylenko, President of HSAS, said, „Despite the health uncertainties and challenges at that time, the parties worked together to reach this interim agreement to enhance the security for the future of our members and for the care of our province`s residents.“ In accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement, the union is currently informed of all vacancy notices and is advised on the appeal of the position. Workers who were previously subject to the SGEU/PSC and CUPE 600 collective agreements, who were granted leave prior to acquisition, continue to benefit from this leave. 1. The granting and use of this leave is carried out on the terms of the previous collective agreements. in particular: (a) promote the inclusion in the collective agreement of provisions that promote fairness and fairness for all current and future workers; 6.